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Plan for sump would like input!!!!!
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This is my plan for a DYI sump and I would like any input on changes or problems that you might see...I would like suggestions on size of pumps for the sump and size of tank I was thinking maybe 10-20 gal it is for a 35 gal tank that I am going too set up...I need to know the best plants to use and media other then the bio-balls...I will be using a overflow box for the pick-up and the return tube will be 3\4" pvc...I also need to know which is better to have a pump on the inlet to sump like I show in my drawing or should I leave it too gravity...thx rob


Re: Plan for sump would like input!!!!!
Let gravity do the filling as there is a greater risk of over flow and flooding if you pump the water down......You will have to have a space for the return pump big enough to allow for the hose and easy access.....I take it that you will have a skimmer box and U-tube for the outflow......Have you thought of a stop valve for the pump return hose....When the power goes off you will need something to keep the water from syphoning out of the tank..........A large synthetic open cell sponge will do a great job instead of the bio balls...........Your pump size will depend on how much current you want flowing in the tank.......The Mag pumps are good and they come in many pumping rates.

Go to a LFS and look at the commercial sump setups for marine tanks for ideas.


Re: Plan for sump would like input!!!!!
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Hi Dano no I didn't think of the stop valve or one-way check valve if the power went out... I was going use a small hole in the tube just below the water line to break the siphen if the power went out and the pump will start when the power comes back on...this is what I was going to use on the inlet side if that is what you mean by skimmer box... The drawing is a rough drawing and not to scale I will refine it when I make it for space for the pump and other stuff that I need in it.... What would you suggest for flow in the tank I was thinking of starting a marine tank fish only too start....thx rob

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