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hey guys I was wondering if you could put plastic toys like action figures in the tank?
I have heard of people doing this and have some really neat ideas, but I was wondering if it is safe. what do you guys think?


Re: decorations?
I think if you wash it out and let it sit in some water for a little bit then it might work. I think that's a really good idea. I have tons of little animal toys that might do the trick :) . Don't just put them in though. If i am wrong please someone correct me.


Re: decorations?
I wouldn't like to say yes or no Pirasha :) it can depend on a lot of things such as:

what the toy is made out of.....
Will it affect the water chemistry...
If it is painted, is the paint safe for fish....
Will it degrade/disintegrate in water....
Will it release any dyes or toxins that could harm fish....
Does it have any metal parts.....
Does it have any tiny parts that the fish might eat that could get stuck in their throat....
Does it have any sharp parts on it that could injure fish....

Just a few things to think about ;)


Re: decorations?
in theory the toys should be safe. no toy company is going to give a kid a toy with toxic paint. Things like gi-joe type action figures have a rubber band in the middle and most are held together with metal screws.

I'd pull them apart, re assemble with superglue and drop them in a Q tank with some guppies. if the guppies are happy after a week then no dramas. :D

unfortunately you can't make a omlette without breaking a few eggs. A little experimentation will give you a good eye for good and non fish safe decorations

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