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question about bp and fh
i have a question... i know how some people feel about sure fish types and hybrids so please donr bash me for asking, or lecture me on why hybrid fish are bad...

i was doing some reading the other night and saw that flowerhorn cichlids are hybrid fish.. i didnt know that... i even read that the fish that was bred together were not close together in the fish family..i not sure how the class , genus ect go.. but the 2 fish are way apart.. but i have read that a male flowerhorn and female flowerhorn can spawn and produce viable fry..

but a blood parrot , that is from 2 different types of fish, that are closer to compatabilty produced the blood parrot, but the males of the blood parrots are sterile..

so why can flowerhorn males produce babies and blood parrot males cant since they are both hybrids

is there truth that the people that spawn them are injecting the males???

im asking here because i have a feeling in other places i will get chewed up and spit out for inqireingn about the blood parrots.


Re: question about bp and fh
Flower Horn males and Blood Parrot males do not produce babies just because they are hybrids...They do not produce babies because they are males:D

Not all Flower Horn and Blood Parrot Cichlids are infertile....There have been many documented spawnings among pairs of both and the fry reached adulthood just like normal Cichlids.

What do you suppose injecting the fish does and what are they injected with?


Re: question about bp and fh
i have read that the people i believe from taiwan???that orginally produced these fish have been injecting the male with idk what to keep them sterile to keep the market price up.. if we cant spawn them, then they make more money by us having to buy them..hence why a female can produce with other malefish, convicts,midas,severum and other parrottypes,but not a 100% bloodparrot.. from what i have read the jellybean and i think it was the king kong can produce babies, but these and those that can produce are cross stains of 2 different fish...but not the 100% bloodparrot male..if a pair of 100% bps produced, chances are there are something else in the tank.

i know down here ..most people that breed and are big in fish keeping are EXTREMELY opininated on the topic of the bloodparrot.i got bashed for having some angels in with my just bugs me how some can feel one way on the fh and completely the opposite on the bh..claiming the bp being a hybrid is the reason..


Re: question about bp and fh
good subject.When I purchased my parrots Iwas so nieve and ignorant about them, it was their stiking colours that attracted me,
1 pink
1 blue
2 green
1 orange
eventually after a year they all started to turn orange ,leaving only 1 with a stripe down the centure,that was the grey one,later I did reaserch, and reading on the net about injecting dyes also showing pictures too ,even saying they injected dyes into thier eyes, I was appauled, your subject is debatable and is left up to the our individualaty and opinions? because you say, everyone tells us a different story,


Re: question about bp and fh
from what i have read.. the parrots arent injected for the color changes..
what happpens is they are put in a chemical to remove thier protective slime..then they are placed in the color stuff to change thier color..then placed back in a chemical that suppose to put the protective coat back..
over its stressful for the fish and the dye is suppose to shorten thier lifespan..but who really knows whats going on with these fish..

i love the parrots and specially my parrots.. i think they are awesome fish with more personality that cna be believed..but i just hate that fo the amighty buck and sale, the better ment of life for these fish are amazes me the lenghths people will go to to protect cats and dogs.. but there seems nothing wrong in the same peoples eyes to allow the sales of dyed, injected and tattooed fish..
arent dyed easter chicks banned?

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