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sis wants one !!!! betta
my sis has been wanting one of these for awhile now
since her last one died (old)
anyway as a surprise for her we her other sis`s wanted
to get this for her,
so we`ve seen a nice tank only small so i wanted to make sure
the betta would be fine
the tank holds 16 litres?
she would only have the one in there i thought it would be fine:confused:
thanks for any replys


Re: sis wants one !!!! betta
You decided not to get her the Sea Horses?.............You will need a heater for the tank because Bettas should be kept at 76 to 80*F....A small internal or HOB filter that doesn't have a strong out flow will help keep the water quality good(Bettas don't like strong current).


Re: sis wants one !!!! betta
hi dano,
i should be so lucky this is my other sister:D
she`s in hospital at the mo
thought she will need cheering up when she gets out
thanks for the advice shall get her one now,
also trying to put my other sis off seahorse
think its abit to much to start with:eek:
i`ll have to see if she will have a betta also
cheaper too!!!
its catching this hobby
just been to several lfs near by and guess what
i want another tank:eek:
not large just want some guppies in those fancy tails
think they are soooo lovely (must be a woman thing hubby didnt get it)!!
will let you know
thanks again for help

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