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cherry barb
right now i have 3 cherry barbs and 3 guppies and if i catch those barbs nipping there fins it will be flush flush.
anybody got a solution that doesnt
new set up tank
back to the store
or give to a friend


Re: cherry barb
No flushing please. Some Fish are just little bit aggressive to other species. It might have to do with their own character or external conditions such as tank size, hiding splaces, not enough of their own kind, etc...

What size is your tank? How many males and females in each kind of Fish?


Re: cherry barb
I agree with mrudzki, & the ? has already been asked about the size of tank, so if it is big enough I would use a divider to separate them - are they the only fish in the tank?

In this case I would say that it has more to do with the character of the barbs than anything else. I wouldn't recommend keeping any barb species with guppies. Even though the cherry barb is one of the least aggressive of the barbs, they can be very nippy particularly to long finned fish, as you have discovered. :(

Cherry barbs are loose/semi shoaling fish (unlike most barb species), & will often go off by themselves, they seem to prefer that, so a bigger shoal may not help in this situation, if that was a consideration.

The poor guppy is always a target for any nippy fish.


Re: cherry barb
if it gets bad to can give them to a local fish store and they might even give you a little bit of store credit. How big is your tank and how many cheery barbs do you have.



Re: cherry barb
first of all i have not cought them nipping yet my tank is 29 gallons with
2 cories:)
3 long finned zebra danios:)
3 platies:D
3cherry barbs
3 guppies:)


Re: cherry barb
Very Sorry! I obviously misunderstood.

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