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The RTS rules
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Here are some more pics of my Red Tail Shark messing around in the 55.


Re: The RTS rules
ive always loved these fish but mine committed suicide and i havent had the hart to get a new one


Re: The RTS rules
Beautiful fish! :) Dan, what's the white area around his mouth, and the edges of the fins?


Re: The RTS rules
I love your RTS!

I wanted to add one to my tank before the raphaels went in, but the LFS advised that the shark and the clowns may or may not not get along...

how does he do with your clowns?


Re: The RTS rules
Sharon, that is natural coloration.
GS, this shark gets along with everybody. He will occasionally chase a clown or one of the long fins, but they chase back. He does not persist like the other smaller one that I had to give away because he was a constant harasser.

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