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panaking, think Im over stocked
just been reading about overstocking and Im realy worried, I have been contemplating quietly regarding my blood parrots, of which Ihad to re sell 3 to make more room .but first tell you what Ihouse in my 50g tank,3clown loaches,3 diddy albino 1inch cat fish,3 silver 2 inch barbs, 2 bala sharks small and 3 5inch blood parrots,Iwould hate to think my clowns are being stressed, do you think by mooving my parrots into a 20g hex tank would be big enough and leave the quiet one in.or put my clowns in the hex realy getting worried now.


Re: panaking, think Im over stocked
Google each one of the fish types you have to see how big they get and what their needs are.....Make sure that the water quality is excellent and the filters are working properly...Make sure you use a good water conditioner with your regular water change schedule.....

If the Clowns have good hiding places and are not being harassed, they should be ok.....You have to watch your fish to see if they are stressed by anything and that they are allowed to eat well.

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Re: panaking, think Im over stocked
thank you for that, and yes my clowns have got good hiding places thankyou for mentioning that. , water quality excerlent, filteration excerlent,research shows bala sharks grow very large, so I may have to re home them and the barbs due to thier darting around,I think Iwill keep the parrots and clowns only,that leaves adaquate room for all to be happy, but I am keeping an eye on the bully parrot, especially when its trying to breed,thankyou for the quick responce dan.

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