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Pictures of Shrimp
11 month old Ghost shrimp named Gumbo. I had purchased a couple originally for my puffers to snack on. This boy lived in harmony with my 2 baby puffers for a month. They swam together in a 10g tank. When we upgraded the puffers into a 55g tank I left the shrimp in the 10g. He's now one of my many pets.

My Orange Bee. Her color is beautiful. In this picture she is in my 10g tank hitching a ride from my Blue Apple Snail (RIP Blue). I have found conflicting information on the orange bee. Some sites say the thrive in brackish water. Other sites say they thrive in FW. The fish store claims they are FW. I have had her for 6 months in FW.


Re: Pictures of Shrimp
They are LOVELY....I've never kept shrimp, but I may have to look into it.:rolleyes:


Re: Pictures of Shrimp
They are interesting little critters aren't they:)

I have red cherry shrimp. I can't stop them


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