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16 gallon, don't want to overstock
Currently I have 2 mollies and 2 platies in a 16 gallon bow-front tank. I wanted to add 1 or 2 more female mollies to keep the male occupied, which I don't think would be too much. However, I was thinking about also getting a few dwarf otos for the nasty brown algae that is all over everything. Would this be too much fish? Thanks!


Re: 16 gallon, don't want to overstock
You can add more fish, but not too many at one time....The 1 inch of fish per gallon can be applied if you use good judgement on fish size.(the bigger the fish the bigger the swimming room needs)


Re: 16 gallon, don't want to overstock
OK so by my calculations the mollies are about 2.5" each for 5", and the platies are around 2" each which is 4". That gives me 9-10" of fish right now. One more molly would put me around 12-13". From what I've read the Otos only get to be about 1.5" so two of those would be about the limit of my tank. These are all pretty small fish so I think the one-inch-per-gallon rule would work here.

I'm going to wait on the Otos though - this morning it looks like the brown algae might be receding a bit so I may not need them after all. The mollies do eat it, and I have seen the platies nibbling on the surfaces too. So I will probably just add the one molly and stop there for a while.



Re: 16 gallon, don't want to overstock
you can't add shrimp to eat the algae (unless you get the bigger varieties like bamboo shrimp or viper shrimp and viper shrimp are expensive) due to the fish eating the smaller varieties of shrimp (red cherry shrimp, etc...)

you can add som malaysian trumpet snails or other varieties of snails to help eat the algae, but be careful if you have live plants that the type of snail you get won't eat the plants.

Glad things have started to work for you. May I recomend getting a small five gallon tank ( a ten gallon would be better) to use as a fry tank/quaranteen tank? You can fill it from water obtained from a water change on your bigger tank.


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