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Betta fin rot
I'm just tossing this thread out here to see what kind of experiences people have had with their bettas and fin rot.

As aforementioned in another thread, I stated that I usually have 4 or 5 bettas hanging er floating around here.. and at any given time, it seems like one will have a case of fin rot.

They all get the same treatment, weekly or twice-weekly water changes.
On fish that have had fin rot, I tend to change their water twice weekly.

But it seems like the fish still get it. I have one betta, Flame, that I have had for a year that has never had fin rot. The rest are newer fish that I've had for less that six months. I currently have a crown tail that seems to have a swim bladder problem and had fin rot at one time and is now recovering.

I'm wondering if over-breeding is turning out weakened sickly fish that are more susceptible to disease...

Any thoughts?


Re: Betta fin rot
I for one do not ever want to battle fin rot again. I had high hopes from the start of our battle that we could kick this disease by only doing frequent WC's, some salt, and a nice warm tank. My Betta fought this for 4 months. We tried salt, upped temp to 82 degrees, large water changes every other day to no avail for weeks. Maracycn baths coupled w/ Maracyn 2 in the tank. He had regrowth when antibiotics were stopped, added melafix to help with fin regrowth. A week later new fin rot. Tried the daily WC's, w/ salt for another month no healing. More antibiotics tetracycline for 4 days. No improvement. Break between meds. New antibiotics, Furan. Hydrogen peroxide treatment on the fins by weekly, sanitized equipment weekly. New fin growth. A week later more fin rot. This was brutal for both my Betta and I.

From reading I have done and my experience I have come to the conclusion that fin rot is Not only a dirty water ailment. I have come to believe that some how the Betta's immune system has been compromised. One thought is the Betta is not kept in decent ideal conditions after bred that has lead up to this. Over breeding could very well be part of the cause. Genetics may very well have a part in this as well. I have read countless cases of Betta's having fin rot after bought and cared for months w/ the recommended weekly WC's, 78% temp, alone in thier tank. Have our long finned friends always been prone to fin rot? IDK. If it were up to me all animal breeders would have to have a license and the appropriate conditions to breed what ever type of animal. Fish I feel are the number 1 most over bred and mistreated pet. I have had second thoughts to wanting fry as I can not tell you of one fish store near me that has steady good tank water conditions that I would want to sell fry to.

I have read countless times how fish are becoming more and more immune to treatments of antibiotics. Are breeders using antibiotics right from the start? Is it our area that makes the fish more prone or the supplier? My PH is at 8 which is the high side of ideal for a betta. Can the PH be fluctuating between tests? I should have Tested for a steady 2 weeks daily. I have also read from others that have owned fish store Betta's in other parts of the world that for many years and never have a problem w/ Bettas. IDK if we will ever get to the bottom of this ailment.

In conclusion I would have to say that the Betta's genentics, breeding conditions, living conditions before placed in a home, and current tank conditions play the biggest part in fin rot disease.


Re: Betta fin rot
Greensleeves fairly sums up my conclusions. In the last few days I have talked with very conscientious LFS personnel that nave noticed the declining condition of the Betas they buy and sell. The Asians breed the Betas by the tens of thousands and as soon as the little males can be recognized they are placed in tiny compartments to grow until ship date. The shipping and treatment upon their arrival in stores has got to be a very detrimental thing for the fish. When you buy one, you are more than likely to get an already sick fish.


Re: Betta fin rot
If imported bettas are bred in poor conditions, are bettas bred in your home country any better? I guess it depends on where you live. Also, I wonder if it would be worthwhile to purchase a betta from a specialty betta breeder known to have good breeding stock.

I paid $3.99 for a little blue betta who came down with one case after another of fin rot. Not only was it heart-wrenching, but also, expensive! And after he died, I had three other bettas get hit with fin rot: one died of a secondary infection that spread literally overnight (and truthfully, I think he was just worn out) one healed and still battles it occasionally, and the third died of something unrelated. So I spent a small fortune on meds... multiply the cost of Maracyn-2 et al. by at least 5, possibly 8, 9, or 10 treatments. I've lost count.

The betta breeder sites sell more expensive bettas and if you don't live nearby, you have to pay air fees to ship, but in the long run, I wonder if it averages out to equal the cost of treating a sick, weak betta time and time again... and I also wonder how much it would be worth it to an individual's stress level to NOT have to constantly be worrying and treating a sick creature.

But then it comes down to wondering if I can justify tossing down $40 for one betta. DH would be like, 'if we are paying $40 for a fish, its going on the grill!" :rolleyes:

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