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can you help?
Bought pleco at local fish store, looks to be fantail bistle nose (i think it so). aprox 1" or so, maybe alittle smaller than that. its a baby so kind of hard to tell if bristle nose at the moment. sorry for the bad quality of the picture, only way to get picture was through cell phone, my camera wasnt focusig.
Think it might be Alligator Pleco, girlfriend thinks it is a calico fantail.

what do you think?
when i get other pics i'll upload them


Re: can you help?
sorry none of the other pictures tuned out correctly. i'll keep trying to get a better picture than the one i provided. so does anyone know what it might be? even a guess?


Re: can you help?
girlfriend got her camera working so was able to get better pictures.

so any ideas what it might be?


Re: can you help?
It is a better pic! Sorry I am not sure, but someone else might. There are so many species and colours and many go under a few different names and L numbers (which they are usually categorised under).

I can only suggest this link at the moment, it is one of the best sites to help ID pleco's as they have hundreds of photos and you can search either by Common name or L number etc. It can be hard because the Alligator pleco goes under Rhino pleco in the list.

Just point on "Cat-elog" and the drop-down menu gives you all the different ways to search.


Re: can you help?
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kinda looks a bit like my peppered catfish

looks like this:
photo by Rony Suzuki


Re: can you help?
well I check out that site. and wow! i knew that there were so many different kinds of pleco and such but that site blew me away.

I dont normally buy fish I know nothing about.. but i love plecos and I knew that one was specal. (maybe a Fantail Bristalnose?) the people i bought it off of had no clue and actually charge me for a common pleco. about $2.50. (we didnt say anything and played dumb)

my girlfriend was with me and we both knew it was a steal! If i remeber corrictly I saw the same fish being sold for $30. at the store. but no name.
well im still looking for any new clues...anyone??

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