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Blue acara and others?
Heya All,

I have just ordered 3 Blue Acara for my new tank. The tank its self is an over sized 4 ft holding 80gal.

The fish shop reckons they will be about 2 inches long. I realise they grow quite large and eventually I will have a tank just for those 3. Now however that would be quite boring. I have 1 Black Ghost Knife getting close to 5 inches and also 3* 3 Spotted Guarmi's that I will put in with them. Was wondering what else I could get. Rather not fish that will grow to large as I have to find something to do with them as the Acaras grow.
There will only be 2 large plants in the tank along with alot of rocks so plant prefering fish wont be to good. Ph is just slightly alkaline at about 7-7.5.

Thanks all


Re: Blue acara and others?
Blue Acara are often confused with Green Terrors. Hopefully you will get the Acaras. What ever you get to put in with them will have to be as large as they are as they will pick on smaller fish. The Gourami may be ok, but the Knife probably won't unless it has a very secure hiding place. If the Knife can stay out of sight during the day it may not be picked on as it is a nocturnal fish.


Re: Blue acara and others?
Well my 3 guarmis and 3 knife fish have done very well in my turtle tank. Dont ask. Yes they are fine. Also the knife fish should be quite a bit larger than the acaras when I get them. I have 3 strange knifes tho as they dont really care if its day or night to come out and chase each other around. So I have moved one into the acara tank to give them a bit of room. Are there any other larger aggressive fish that I can put in with them maybe for a year until the acaras grow to large?


Re: Blue acara and others?
Hi there I just seen this and I don't know about the blue acara but I had 2 black acara and when I put them in with my community tank they beat the **** out of the fish... The gouramis took the worst of it I lost one too the beating they took... I hope this helps rob


Re: Blue acara and others?
Well I eventually got them, they are so small about an inch. They are the smallest thing in the tank easily. Everyone is getting along quite well even with relatively few hiding areas. Hopefully as they grow they will be used to the other things. But will watch them very closely.

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