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Air wand noise
I have a plastic air wand in both of my tanks and one of them seems to be getting more noisy. You can basically hear it all over the house now. Any ideas why? :confused: It seems to be working as good as it ever did, just loud. :rolleyes: Thanks! :)


Re: Air wand noise
Is the noise coming from the pump...I had to place mine on a towel, as they can get very noisy! If it's the wand itself, maybe a rinse might help. Although if it's working well, I can't see it being blocked...


Re: Air wand noise
You may want to check the air line between your pump and your tank for a small crack or break as it may not be a big enough rupture in the hose to stop your airstone, but big enough to make noticable noise. Remember some types of air line tubing (nylon, vinyl tubes more than tygon or teflon) do get old and brittle over time.



Re: Air wand noise
Every airstone I have used made some sort of hissing noise and the loudness depended on the pressure from the pump.


Re: Air wand noise
Yep, it is basically a hissing noise that has gotten worse over time. I will check it out more closely and see if there would happen to be a small hole in the line or something not fitting tight, etc. Thanks everyone! :)

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