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Questions About sited and beyond
I have a few questions about sites fish and salt water ingeneral

1. Is Buying fish online safe? Because driving home from the pet store the look like there going to wet there bags?

2. Im going to start keeping slawater fish and Ive heard damselfish and Clown fish are the hardiest and are good to start with.

3. If you have a male and female fish of the same species will they have egg (im trying to stay away from this for the first year)

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Re: Questions About sited and beyond
1. Yes, it is safe buying on line. It is advisable to to check out the sellers reputation. Normally the fish will be packaged to arrive alive and you can insure the shipment.

2. Damsels and Clowns are fairly hardy fish and many people have started out with them. Be sure to research the needs and care of them before you buy.

3. Marine fish are difficult to breed, so it is not likely you will be faced with a lot of eggs.:D

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