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Where to set up new tank
I'm running out of space and I want to set up a big tank 55 gal or larger to move some of my fish. I have a place in my entry way that doesn't get direct sun, but it does get a lot of light. Would this be ok, or would it produce a lot of alge? What is the best exposure rule for settingup a tank?



Re: Where to set up new tank
well i have a one of my tanks in the same perdicamint. It does have a little bit of algie. But just keep the light of when it is light outside.


Re: Where to set up new tank
It isn't a steadfast rule of course! but the best position for an aquarium is to place it somewhere away from windows - because of the direct sunlight & being near a window can cause temperature fluctuations, it often can get hotter/colder near a window & if it is open can cause drafts.

If it isn't direct sunlight it should be OK algae wise, but it can also depend on the amount of hours of light it is getting.

It is also a good idea not to have a tank where there is a lot of activity or vibrations (especially at first) eg: people walking past all the time, as it often stresses the fish a lot until they become used to it.

As Josh mentioned, if the tank is getting plenty of natural light, you probably won't need to have the tank light on if you were going to use it as well.

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