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Will Shrimp eat snail eggs?
I hope so as I am noticing a few egg sacks on the glass of the 20 gallon guppy/neon/shrimp tank and I am sure the sacks are from the common snails that get in your tank by hitching a ride as eggs on live plants.

I know Skunk Botia eat the snails, but I fear they would also eat the shrimp (currently 6 ghost shrimp, and expanding in a few days with 25 Red cherries and 10 indian white banded shrimp).



Re: Will Shrimp eat snail eggs?
The RCS, CRS, CBS, and Ghost Shrimp I had over the years all ate snail eggs and small snails too.


Re: Will Shrimp eat snail eggs?
Thanks Dano.

I did notice a couple egg sacks missing this morning (which is a good thing).


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