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Hood question
I was looking at this hood to possibly purchase but i don't know if it has slots for filters. Does anyone have an idea if it does or not? I am looking to purchase this hood because i wanted something that a new light fixture can fit on. Is there a better way to go in your opinion? Please let me know what you think, Thanks!

Heres a link to the hood

Heres a link to the light


Re: Hood question
It looks as if it has a plastic strip on the back... that could be cut to allow for a filter. I used a pair of small garden shears on mine.

Glass can be taken to a shop- typically a frame shop or someplace and cut to your specs.


Re: Hood question
Awesome thanks greensleeves!


Re: Hood question
Let us know how you like it, if you get it. It would be neat to have a clear top.
They have 2 different ones at Dr. Foster's 1 for a single light,and 1 for 2 tube light. I don't know anything about them, just letting you know.
Here's a link.

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