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clown loaches and pleco`s
can anyone tell me why some pleco`s are compatiable with clown loaches
and others are not?
i saw a lovely snowball pleco today at our lfs and how good was i,i didnt bring it home!!!!
welll had to check first and i can`t find it on the chart
also it was 40 does anyone know if that is good or high sorry dont know
what that is in dollars:eek:
thanks for any help here


Re: clown loaches and pleco`s
Plecostomus Catfish are bottom dwellers and sometimes territorial....Clown Loaches spend a lot of their time on the bottom and sleep in hide outs on the bottom....When the Plecos are prowling at night, they can disturb or even attack Clowns.......It would be any one's guess as to which Plecos will be compatable......Also Plecos will soon get big and they do play rough at feeding time.

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