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Sparkling Gouramis!
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I had never seen these fish before in lfsís (most donít stock them or very rarely do because they are so tiny, they get overlooked & go unnoticed) so by chance, I saw these guys in a lfs, at first I didnít realise what they were, then thought they must be baby gouramis & then I saw the label - they were sparkling gouramis aka pygmy gouramis/pygmy croaking gouramis.

I instantly fell in love with them, even before I knew what they were, Ė They werenít much colour wise & I didnít really know what to expect in the way of colour, but I bought the lot Ė they only had the 4.

They are so cute, tiny (only grow to 1 inch) & they definitely live up to their name (Sparkling), as well as their normal beige colour with a brown strip in the middle & brown spots above it, & reddish brown edges on the fins, in the right light they have iridescent/metallic spots all over them (like blue rams) that can change between blue, green & yellow, even their feelers are a lovely metallic powder blue & there eyes are a beautiful emerald green/bluish colour. Sorry to ramble on but I didnít realise just how colourful they would turn out to be.

I actually heard them make the croaking sound, but more like a click, when they get excited/scarred/angry, not quite sure which. They are so adorable.

Here is a pic. but sorry for the poor quality & it doesnít do them any justice at all Ė my camera isnít good enough for taking clear pics. of fish.


Re: Sparkling Gouramis!
i wanted to get some for my 20g but they were expencive. $12 a peice!


Re: Sparkling Gouramis!
They were only $4.50 each, which I thought was quite cheap, but for them I wouldn't have cared how much they were (within reason of course). The German Blue Rams are $12 each here (sometimes a bit more, depending on which lfs it is).


Re: Sparkling Gouramis!
Bernie.....Your pics are as good as any I have ever gotten. I hope the Sparkling gourami do well for you. I have never seen them here.


Re: Sparkling Gouramis!
They are lovely, Bernie!:) I've never seen them...I love the piece of driftwood in your tank!


Re: Sparkling Gouramis!
Thanks! I think I was very lucky to find them - I will be keeping an eye out in future for more, but yes! hardly any lfs's seem to stock them.

The tank at the lfs didn't have any decor in it & they are now going crazy playing in rocks/ artificial plants. Thanks Sharon, that driftwood is just a bonsai tree.

Thanks Dano!


Re: Sparkling Gouramis!
Bonsai tree. Is it real wood or fake. Either way it looks good man.


Re: Sparkling Gouramis!
Those are great little fish! And it's neat that they stay so small.

And I agree, the picture is just as good, if not better, than any I've been able to get of my fish :)


Re: Sparkling Gouramis!
Thanks Guys!! :) & geese, it's just a fake tree. thanks again.


Re: Sparkling Gouramis!
Lovely Bernie, I would love to hear those little guys croak.:)
Your new stocking lists look great too.

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