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Moon lighting
The other day I discovered moon lighting. I love the way it looks.
Does anyone have it?
I was playing around on Ebay and a guy sells a 10 LED moonlight for around 26 bucks shipped.
Well... I have been wanting to order blue LED's for my truck. One or two placed at the cup holders and a couple at other places for driving at night. Anyways I ordered 30 blue led's for 19 bucks shipped. Plenty for my truck and the fish.:D
I plan on making my own kit.


Re: Moon lighting
I used to use "moon glo" LEDs on my marine reef tanks to mimic the moon cycles which many believed to be healthy for the various corals. Many of the hoods/canopies for marine tanks came with a moon glo bulb and power supply included. I don't know if they would be of any benefit for fresh water tanks other than giving a subdued lighting for the nocturnal fish.


Re: Moon lighting
We have a blue moonlight w/ very tiny airbubbles for our gsp's in the center back of the tank. I love the look. I hope the fish like it too......:p


Re: Moon lighting
I can't wait to see it light up like that.

I don't plan on running them all night. I don't have real plants. I'm thinking just like an hour before and after the main light comes one. Mainly to help the transition from light to dark.


Re: Moon lighting
I do not know what is recommended but we run ours 24/7. I hope it is not a problem for the puffers. It's another thing I need to look into :o.


Re: Moon lighting
I am undecided on moonlights. I think they look cool but I can't find any studies to illustrate that they are necessary for my freshwater tank.

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