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Small Tanks (20 gallons / 76 liters or less)
Post here PICTURES of smaller tanks (20 gallons / 76 liters or less). Remember to describe your tank and the fish you have!!! ;)


Re: Small Tanks (20 gallons and smaller)
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Alright, here's my 10 gallon. Some of the plants haven't quite fully recovered from the store and most of the bulbs are just starting to grow :) I wanted a more natural look while still accenting the colors of the black neons and a future honey gourami and this is what I got.

10 gallon tank
Filter: Topfin in this photo, but just switched out to the superior Aquaclear
Heater: 50W Visitherm Stealth
Lighting: standard 19W florescent lights that came with the All Glass hood.
Inhabitants: 2 black neons. Soon to be more!
Plants: Amazon swords (will get too big for tank), red tiger lotus (I think, will also get too big for tank), windelov java fern on driftwood, vallesnaria (not doing well, too high of maintenence for starters), aponogeton, and hornwort.
Addatives: Prime waterconditioner, and Flourish Excell and Flourish fert, Jungle Labs iron + root tabs, No CO2

I hope you guys like it :)


Re: Small Tanks (20 gallons and smaller)
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this is my 20 gallon tank
I have some tiger barbs and a red tail shark and 5 zebra danio's


Re: Small Tanks (20 gallons and smaller)
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as requested, here is a pic of my current 10 gallon set up. (attached i think)

current fish:
2 - White Clouds (waiting for LFS to get more)
1 - zebra danio
1- random minnow

you mentioned that long finned serpae would be good for a smaller tank, is this the same as a serpae tetra? cause i saw some nice ones down at the LFS.

Thanks again,


Re: Small Tanks (20 gallons and smaller)
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hi. this is my current 10 gallon tank. there is green gravel. i chose the rock with holes in it for fish that might be shy. the plants are plastic. the inhabitants are: 6 neontetras, 2 albino corys, 2 Harlquein Rasaboras, & 3 guppies.:p


Re: Small Tanks (20 gallons and smaller)
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I like international stuffs. :)

and yah, maybe after this message I successfully attached the beta's I have. thanks for the compliments. I probably have to change my blue one to a taller container because there's only about 2 glasses of water in that one and I now feel bad.

I also have some new pics and I think they're cool too but I have to borrow the digit camera again to take pictures of them. so it's a "coming soon" stuff.

and thank you for the link. nice information and picturesssssssss.


Originally Posted by Tim (Post 1866)
We are definitely international, but here's some background.

It would be great if you put all those various betta pics into this thread. I think they are great shots and I love the artistic effect.


Re: Small Tanks (20 gallons and smaller)
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Here's my 10 gallon :) A couple things are different right now since I'm always changing stuff.

50w visitherm stealth heater
150gph aquaclear filter w/biomax
19w florescent stock lighting

Fake resin driftwood (much less mess)
Lava rock
Epoxy coated gravel
Quartz cluster (not pictured but one of the few aquarium-safe minerals)

5 black neon tetras
1 sparkling gourami
2 ottocinclus

Anubias nana
Aponogeton crispus (flowers regularly)
Mystery anubias
Amazon sword
Windelov Java fern

30-40% water changes weekly
Swish filter media in dechlorinated water every other month
Lights on for 11ish hours per day
Dose Seachem's Flourish Excel liquid carbon 3 times weekly
Dose Nutrafin+iron and Seachem's Flourish liquid ferts 2 times weekly each
Supplement every other month with Jungle Lab root tabs


Re: Small Tanks (20 gallons and smaller)
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Hello everyone! I am very happy to have found this website. Thanks Tim. I am relativley new to the hobby. Very addictive! But you all already know that right? I started with a 10 gallon tank that cycled with a few whiteclouds (the little buggers are still big and strong0. I also have 2 creamsicle lyretail mollies (males), 3 female bettas, and two green cory's. A month or so ago I got a small bookshelf aquarium 6gallons or so (is there a way to tell how many gallons the tank is by it's measurements?). I have a male crowtail betta (I call him curly cuz one of his little fin parts seems to be perminatly curly. His tank mates are one leapard cory (just recently read that they are happies in groups...should I move him to the 10 gallon tanks? I know I'm kind pushing the "overstock" button on that thank...what to do..what to do...) and also 3 silver tip tetras...again..I read they are happiest in groups of 5 or more...contimplating getting a couple more...but don't want to over stock my 6 gal. Decisions...decisions.
1.) 6 gal(?) tank. There really are fish in there.
2.) Bettas are hard to photograph!...a couple tetras in the background.
3.) 10 gal
4.) Mollies are the only ones who like the cameara.
5.) YOu can see a few bettas in this one. (females).

Oh..why do the attachments have to be soo small? If I save them in different formats would they be bigger?

All for now.'ll soon learn I'm long winded. oops. :o


Re: Small Tanks (20 gallons and smaller)
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Wow, everyone's tanks look lovely on here. This is a great idea for helping people get their creative juices flowing for tank decor!

I have a 10 gallon that I am working on decorating that houses my fancy guppies and a Cory Catfish named Niblet. I think after seeing these that I should add more fake plants (I do fake b/c I'm in college and transport the tank home over breaks, et cetera and I worry real plants would be too difficult). The gravel is just aquarium gravel from a pet store, a more natural color with browns/tans. There are some larger stones on top (as you can see I'm sure!). I had just added the driftwood piece in the center when the picture was taken (hence the bubbles). It's been great for the baby guppies to hide in.


Re: Small Tanks (20 gallons and smaller)
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Hi guys, I have an updated pic of my 10 gallon. I added a few more plants, finally :) I'm also putting a pic of my 20 gallon, though I know it still needs A TON of work in terms of decor. Maybe that can happen over spring break :cool:

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