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The X-Ray Tetra
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I have came up on this fish while looking for local fish near my house. And I noticed that there was no information on this fish so i researched and have this. Just informing this site.:D

The X-Ray Pristella Tetra is an unusual member of the Characidae Family that has a near transparent body. This novel characteristic gives this tetra the appearance of a living x-ray photograph. However, unlike true clear or glass-like fish, the X-Ray Pristella Tetra has a captivating color pattern that adds another dimension of interest. The dorsal and anal fins have stylish bands of yellow, black, and white. In addition to these bands, the caudal fin has a beautiful pale red or pink coloration that offers yet another unexpected surprise to this seemingly transparent fish. In the wild, the X-Ray Pristella Tetra is found in coastal rivers of South America of varying water chemistry. This natural tolerance to a wide range of water parameters makes the X-Ray Pristella Tetra well suited for the community aquarium. Unlike sensitive tetra species that need to be kept in soft water conditions, the hardy X-Ray Pristella Tetra is an excellent choice for new aquarists. Furthermore, the X-Ray Pristella Tetra is very peaceful and is compatible with other non-aggressive fish.
The ideal aquarium setup for the X-Ray Pristella Tetra will include live plants, rocks and driftwood to recreate natural habitat and provide hiding spaces. The X-Ray Pristella Tetra is a schooling fish and should be ideally kept in groups of six or more. Similar to other tetra species, the male X-Ray Pristella Tetra will tend to be smaller and thinner than the female.
The natural diet of the X-Ray Pristella Tetra consists primarily of small insects and planktonic animals. However, it will accept frozen or freeze-dried brine shrimp, daphnia, bloodworms tubifex, as well as micro pellet food and high quality flake foods.

alan j t

Re: The X-Ray Tetra
sounds good


Re: The X-Ray Tetra
Thank You very much Mike for taking the time to share the information you found with us. :) Very informative and appreciated!

You may also be interested in the info. on the Pristella Tetra that is in the "fish facts" section of tim's site.



Re: The X-Ray Tetra
Mike, I have recently introduced a small shoal of Pristella/x-ray and very pleased with them - a little skittish but otherwise peaceful. Have you got some yourself?


Re: The X-Ray Tetra
Unfortunately not yet but very interesting critters


Re: The X-Ray Tetra
I currently have six Gold Pristella Tetras that are a lot of fun as well. They have great black and yellow markings on their fins and red tails.

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