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Default Re: Small Tanks (20 gallons and smaller)

Here are my two 10 gallon tanks, the one with the sand substrate has a Bosamani rainbow, four Kuhli loaches, two hillstream loaches, and an albino rainbow shark, as well as a few malaysian livebearing snails. The plant in this tank are an Amazon sword (left rear corner), Balansae (right front corner), wysteria (right rear corner), and a start of hornwor center back.

the tank with the blue gravel houses a pair of mystic blue swordtails and three Kuhli loaches. The plants in this tank are wisteria on the left side and anubias in the right front corner.

The 20 gallon tank (with the Roman styled column in the middle) is currently cycling, and will have some plants in it on the 15th. I plan to use this for guppies (my wife wants these) and cherry red shrimp. For plants I will put some java moss or the like, wisteria (one start in the tank now right hand side), Swords of somesort (maybe a different variety than the Amazon sword), and maybe some grasses. The only critter in this tank now is a single malaysian snail.
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