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Default Just moved all of my Discus

I just moved all of my discus into their new 55 Gallon Tank. Everybody seems happy and so am I. They are so striking in one big tank together. I'll just have to watch out for any agression, but so far so good. Of course when any of them pair up that could change. I have a spare tank when that happens.

There are 2 Alpha males. They are the large Blue one on the right and the large orange one above him. The blue one has been with most of the others for a long time, so he is dominating the orange one by making him go into the corner periodacally. He does come out and swim with everyone too. They do all eat together though. I am making sure that they all get to eat. That is one thing you have to watch out for, that one of them is not getting picked on so much that they aren't allowed to eat.

I'm lovin my Discus.
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