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Default Re: Just moved all of my Discus

One of them paired with a female when I had them together in a smaller tank. They laid eggs several times but no success in hatching. The other I just assume is a male because they stood off each other with the 1 known female. She is a trouble maker. She goes back an forth between the two. I know she is probably testing them to see which one will pair with her again. I have no idea what the sexes of the others are until they pair off.

39 gallon...2 Kribs
39 gallon...2 Geophagus 1 Angel 5 Clown Loaches 3 Silver Dollars 1 Pleco 3 cory cats
39 gallon...8 African Cichlids 2 Cory Cats
39 gallon...1 Geophagus 3 Silver Dollars 2 Corries 1 Pleco 1 Pearl Eartheater
55 gallon...10 Discus and 3 corries