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Default question about bp and fh

i have a question... i know how some people feel about sure fish types and hybrids so please donr bash me for asking, or lecture me on why hybrid fish are bad...

i was doing some reading the other night and saw that flowerhorn cichlids are hybrid fish.. i didnt know that... i even read that the fish that was bred together were not close together in the fish family..i not sure how the class , genus ect go.. but the 2 fish are way apart.. but i have read that a male flowerhorn and female flowerhorn can spawn and produce viable fry..

but a blood parrot , that is from 2 different types of fish, that are closer to compatabilty produced the blood parrot, but the males of the blood parrots are sterile..

so why can flowerhorn males produce babies and blood parrot males cant since they are both hybrids

is there truth that the people that spawn them are injecting the males???

im asking here because i have a feeling in other places i will get chewed up and spit out for inqireingn about the blood parrots.