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Smile Re: Did I over do it.

Here is the info on my tank

Nitrate 0, Nitrite 0, Clorine 0, alkalinity 180, ph 8.0
I purchased a new water testing kit. I did not see a kit for ammonia.
Tank size is: 48 w x 12 d x 20 h. 60 gal.
Thank you.

Originally Posted by Bernie View Post
You're very welcome just wondering, do you have the necessary test kits for the ammonia etc. (you will need them) & a PH test kit - but while the tank is cycling, I wouldn't even try to change the PH, because it fluctuates during cycling, which is normal.

You never know morgansfind, if all those fish have been in there for a few wks already & you haven't lost any - they may all be OK, but cycling does greatly stress fish, due to the ammonia spikes etc. which impacts on their immune system & shortens their lifespan.

I would be interested to know what your ammonia/nitrite/nitrate levels are!

Good Luck with the fish! lovely fish you chose btw! sounds like a great tank.
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