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Default Re: Suggestions for begginer plants

I have plants in medium gravel in two tanks and plants in sand substrate in another tank. These tanks are lit by the tank hoods and also ambient sunlight in the spring and summer.

Water Wisteria and java moss are two of the easiest plants. some plants can tolerate lower light and will adapt, other plants need higher lighting to do well or will die.

If you go to and look at their live plants they list what type of lighting the needs of the specific plant are, also there are many plants that they don't list that can be purchased for your aquarium.

I look at the pet stores around me, look at the web, and look at the fish auction sites (no not ebay, but you could look there too) to see what specie of plant are available and what they are selling for.

Good luck with your plants, I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine.