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Default Aquascaping

Before you look at the title of my thread and think I'm going to start going all crazy with aquascaping, let me tell you that I'm NOT. At least not yet. I think my clown loaches would have a few things to say about that... they're rather camera-shy you see.

I would like to possibly separate the plants- so that if I need to remove one, its roots don't get tangle with those of other plants so that upon removal, I can just remove one plant instead of ... TEN. But I'm worried about stunting their growth by crowding their roots.

I saw one aquascaping picture where the guy had little Tupperware-like containers that he housed each plant in and then buried in the subtrate.... but its my thought that this was probably just done for show... and that the reality is that over a period of time, well-tended, healthy plants will naturally produce a lot of roots anyway and just overflow the containers.

Thoughts anyone?

I was also thinkg of using some white sand in the focal point of my tank, having it running beneath a nice central arch of driftwood, but I have a ton of scavenger fish; I'm thinking that with all of their movement, I would just end up with a losing battle to keep the white sand and my super black Eco-Complete separated.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

We are picking up the tank this week and it will need to cycle... so I have time to plan this out....
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