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Default Re: eggbound female??this sounds stupid

I have a friend who breeds bows that this happend to. She got on the web to her buds & they told her seperate the fish from others, but keep a male with her so to allow her the chance to spawn, & to add aquarum salt to the water. If I remember right they told her it could be one of 2 things. Egg bound or constapation (I don't think I spelled that right) & that the salt would help both. She ended up loosing the fish cuz before she got on the internet to ask her buds (a bunch of fish geeks) she squeezed the fish trying to get the eggs out of her as this was a very rare rainbow. I think if you do a web search for egg bound tropical fish you'll get alot of info on what to do to help her. I wish you luck with her & hope she makes it.
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