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Thumbs up Compatible? YES

I found them to be compatible. What I did was adding a small Angel. I wont say it was all peaches and cream. Actually I bought the Angel first and latter on the Discus. The first issue was that the Angel scared of the Discus, maybe because of the Angel being territorial. I took out the Angel for like 2 months and bought 2 more Discus. So when I bringed back the Angel,who was bigger, he found himself as new in a tank "owned" by Discus. The Angel was less aggressive. Actually the smaller Discus sometimes charges at the Angel and viceversa, but not harm themselves. Be aware that Angels are not shy and are aggressive eaters and Discus tend to be more pacific at the time of feeding, sometimes wanting to eat after the food reach the bottom. But apparently my Discus learned to be a little more active at feeding time. So a very shy Discus might have problems. If you want to try this SUPER NICE COMBINATION, I advice this:
  1. Have at least 3 Discus settled for 3 or more months
  2. Add only 1 Angel, as small as posible. Select the Angel as it was a Discus, because he will live long.
  3. If posible, select a female Angel, as they are less aggressive.
I also have seen them together in Pet Shops. Sometimes all the Discus stick together with the Angel in the middle, so they tend to enjoy their company.

Remember Angels will grow big and WILL EAT smaller fishes, like Neons, Guppies, and mine had even eat White Clouds and Rummy Nose! He grew around them, but their instinct will always arrive. It was a nice year before he ate them.

Rumors I heard about their INCOMPATIBILITY was that Angels have a natural flora inside them that doesn't harm them, but migth harm and kill Discus. No idea on this comment. Also had heard that if you add 2 Angels and they mate, they will turn very aggressive and might even kill Discus. Anyway I found that having only 1 Angel very nice.
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