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Default Re: dead guppies!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to hear of your experience.

I always get a new tank set up and let it run for a month before adding any fish, and once the water parameters are good then I add fish.

I purchased nine guppies many months ago and of those nine I think I have three left. However, my tank with the guppies has had many batches of fry (I keep a few to keep my population up and sell the ones I don't want).

I wouldn't say guppies are hardy as they have always seemed to me to be more suseptable to certain disease (like fin rot), but they are prolific (as in they throw many offspring in a short time). The guppies that have been imported in the last few years seem to be weeker and more suseptable to disease than guppies in prior years (many articles on the web about this).

What are your water parameters? Did you put any water conditioner into the tank when you added the water (chlorine and chloramines will have a negative impact on any aquatic life except plants)

My guppy tank is 20 gallons with five or six adult guppies, many guppy fry, eight neon tetras, a collony of red cherry shrimp and live plants.