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Default Re: dead guppies!!!!!!!!!!

I can agree with Dave and Dano here. You should let the water regulate its chemicals and conditions for at least a month, even longer if you want your fish to live longer. Don't keep starting over as this kills all the good bacteria in your tank and can only kill your fish quicker. It's difficult to be patient right now but what a month till both the tanks water is normal. If you have any fish alive in those tanks, take them out and save them before they die.

You're right about the water changes however just give your tank time to relax until you start doing them. Also when you put new water after you condition it, let it sit for an hour. Then turn on the filter, then the heater after an hour and the air pump. And as Dave said, guppies are not as hardy as people say, but i suggest just a fish less cycle at this point.
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