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Default Re: 2 new black sharks

wow thanks for all the info..

i have a red tail in my bedroom 55 gallon, he is quite large about 4 inches, we call him Jaws.. and a rainbow, named Bruce.. as of now all is fine with them,bruce is smaller then jaws, so maybe he avoids him, i hardly ever see them in the same area of the tank.only thing my red tail doesnt get along with is the skunk botias..bruce like to sneak in with the kribs now and again and hide in thier plants.. luckly they dont mind

guess i need to add some more caves and hiding spots for the black sharks.. they seem to really like each other,, they hoover in the cave i ahve together and stay together alot.. they chase each other but it doesnt look like aggressive chaseing..more like the what the danios do..

they are in a 55 gallon so hopefully we have some time with them.. taylor was very impressed with them..but what boy who is a JAWS fanatic would be with anything labeled Shark!!!