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Default Communication and fry Behaviour

Well my fry are growing by the day.

I thought I would post how interesting they all are as it amazes me not only how the parents communicate with each other but how they both send signals to the fry when danger approaches. Initially the fry stayed very low with the parents. As they got older you could see mum swimming towards them to get their attention and then backwards, to make them come to her.

Now they are 2.5 weeks old when mum thinks that I am getting a little too close to the tank she waves her fins and all the little fish stop swimming and stay perfectly still within a split second of each other. I find that quite fascinating.

The parents are getting used to my feeding regime and as soon as the baster with the food in, goes into the hole in the lid, she swims up to meet it.

Dad looked so unusually bright earlier this evening protecting his fry from me, I thought he was going to explode - lovely little fish they are.

There's more to fishkeeping than meets the eye.