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Default Re: Thinking of Starting a Discus Tank

So the tank was going fine after I added some Cory cats. So I added some cardinals and a few ottos. Well my pH went crazy. It jumped from around 7 to 7.6! And my hardness went crazy too (4.5 to 5.0 ppm). Now I have a mix of sand and gravel in my tank. The sand is CaribSea sand that is supposedly safe for fresh and salt. They claim that it should not affect your pH or your GH. Needless to say in a little over a week I lost all of my cardinals and 2/4 ottos. I have been battling my hardness with a water softener pillow and RO water changes every 2 to 3 days. I can not get either to decrease!!!! I am even using pH down that is supposed to lower my pH by 0.2 ppm every 24 hours. Just to be sure I checked my tap water since that is what I used the first time to fill my tank. My water has 1 ppm Hardness and a pH of 7.6. That at least explains the high pH but not the hardness. This is getting crazy. I broke down and bought Seachem's Discus Buffer and Neutral Regulator Water conditioners. They should get here by Friday afternoon so I hope to have the tank settled within a week. I want my discus!!! However, I will NOT buy any until I can get this water under control. If anyone has any more suggestions to lower my pH or hardness please tell me.


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