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Default Re: dodgy looking clowns

im not sure what my water parameters are as i dont check them myself as im new to this hobby and carnt seem to get my head round all the differant test results. ie nitrates nitrites ect, i take a sample to my local fish store on a regular bassis, i only check my salt levals and they are at 26.
i had my water tested 2 days ago as i purchased a star fish and an enenamy and it came back perfect (they wont sell livestock without testing your water first)
i have a 180L 35gal tank with a skimmer with built in uv light, eheim professional 2 external filter and a wave machine and it has been up and running for about 2 months.i only put water live sand then live rock in then left it for a month. then my cleaning crew (3 hermit crabs 2 cleaner shrimp 1 blood red shrimp). 2 weeks ago i put 2 clowns in and this week i put a blennie in a star fish and a enenamy in