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Default Re: Small Tanks (20 gallons and smaller)

Alright, here's my 10 gallon. Some of the plants haven't quite fully recovered from the store and most of the bulbs are just starting to grow I wanted a more natural look while still accenting the colors of the black neons and a future honey gourami and this is what I got.

10 gallon tank
Filter: Topfin in this photo, but just switched out to the superior Aquaclear
Heater: 50W Visitherm Stealth
Lighting: standard 19W florescent lights that came with the All Glass hood.
Inhabitants: 2 black neons. Soon to be more!
Plants: Amazon swords (will get too big for tank), red tiger lotus (I think, will also get too big for tank), windelov java fern on driftwood, vallesnaria (not doing well, too high of maintenence for starters), aponogeton, and hornwort.
Addatives: Prime waterconditioner, and Flourish Excell and Flourish fert, Jungle Labs iron + root tabs, No CO2

I hope you guys like it
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