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Default Re: Sick betta - Ich or Fin Rot??

Hey Gillian,

Its very possible for a betta to have ich and finrot at the same time. It sounds like the finrot could have occured as a secondary infection do to stress of the ich.

First of all...what kind of algae eater do you have? Many types don't tolerate salt very well. How's that guy acting?

What % is your salinity at right now? Salt usually cures finrot, but not all types. I'd keep the salinity at .3% until 3-4 days after the last spot of ich is gone. If the fins continue to worsen despite the salt, try an anti-bacterial medication. Read the back warnings and see what it says about bottom dwellers and your nitrogen cycle. If it harms either, you might want to move your betta and his ornaments to the bowl or a bucket to treat him.
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