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Default Re: Sick betta - Ich or Fin Rot??

M'kay, just watch your pleco carefully.

Did you measure how much salt you put in? Without knowing exactly how much you added you can not determine the salinity, and you won't know if the ich or finrot is completely eradicated if you add too little. If you add too much, both of your fish could get sick(er).

I check the salinity of the water by math. I would do a 100% waterchange and start over with the salt. Add 1 teaspoon of aquarium salt per gallon, predissolved in water (this is .1% salinity). If you think that's about how much you had before, add another dissolved teaspoon per gallon and you will be at .2%. If you feel like you added less than 1 teaspoon per gallon before, wait 24 hours before bringing it up to .2%. The next day add one more dissolved teaspoon per gallon and you will be at .3%, the correct salinity to kill ich. Finrot is usually killed around .2%, but we'll go to .3% because of the ich.

Poor guy...I hope he's doing alright. Is he still eating?
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