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Default Re: quick question???

no i didnt this was about 7 yrs ago years back when i first got my first husband went out with his uncle and they were hoopnet fishing for large catfish and caught 3 bream in the net... he brought them home for the tank and they did great.. the male went to one side of the tank and fannd a hole in the rocks with his tail.. a about a week later we had company and the fish decided then was a good tme to put on a show.. they spawned for hours.. it looked like a heavy snowfall on one half of my tanks..they fanned them and 24-36 hours later i had lil fry.. 24 hours later ,as they started to swim , i lost all my and dad had a great meal.. week later, we got another heavy snowstorm in the tank,so i boogied it on down to a pet store and bought a divider, to keep mom and dad on their side when the babies started jumping..that worked for 2 days.. one morning dad somehow crossed the divider and ate all the lil ones...this went on for months,and then we moved and i let them go in a friends pond.. i didnt have anywhere to put them while i reset up the tank.. sad day in the household of Bridges.. we still talk about those was a GREAT way to start the hobby.

we catch nice ones here too.. we found a new pond on our hunting lease and was catching perch and bream bigger then my hands bass were nice size also... it wasnt even a challenge.. before you could set your reel, the cork was gone...i wanna go back and fish , but i still havent gotten over the redbugs from that trip. it is nice loading up the 4 wheelers and going fishing though..i love living in the country..
theres one lil pond( really an over sized mudhole.) we go to and catch micro fish.. you have to use lil baby hooks to catch them. biggest ones are pushing 2 inches, maybe..and thier color is soooo beautiful..and the lil micro catfish are so cute... i love how they croak at you.

i dont eat fish or seafood.. guess cuz i grew up catching them and playing with them..i dunno.. i hate when we catch and someone wants it.. i beg keith to let it go.. and when they swallow a hook ot it goes through the eye..