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Default Fishing The Thai Way : Part 1- You wont believe this !!!

Hi All,

I have been in Thailand for a few years now. Just thought a few of you might like this story. Before I met my wife I was living in another village with another Thai family. My girlfriend had 2 children, 1 girl and a boy called Nuke. It was durning the dry season, and nuke came home one day with a couple of fish, we thought he had caught them in the local small lake, but he said he hadn't. He said he had noticed a cat come out of a hole in a field with a fish. The hole ran underneath the road and was a water outlet for when the fields flooded.

He'd climbed into the hole and he said it was full of fish, there was hardly any water in there but the fish where living in the mud. The pics tell the story....enjoy.

1. Nuke prepares to go down the hole.

2. Nuke checks for snakes

3. Watched and encouraged by his mum, grandpapa and young cousin

4. Almost There