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Default Re: question about bp and fh

from what i have read.. the parrots arent injected for the color changes..
what happpens is they are put in a chemical to remove thier protective slime..then they are placed in the color stuff to change thier color..then placed back in a chemical that suppose to put the protective coat back..
over its stressful for the fish and the dye is suppose to shorten thier lifespan..but who really knows whats going on with these fish..

i love the parrots and specially my parrots.. i think they are awesome fish with more personality that cna be believed..but i just hate that fo the amighty buck and sale, the better ment of life for these fish are amazes me the lenghths people will go to to protect cats and dogs.. but there seems nothing wrong in the same peoples eyes to allow the sales of dyed, injected and tattooed fish..
arent dyed easter chicks banned?