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Default Re: dodgy looking clowns

Originally Posted by Dano View Post
Not knowing the ph, specific gravity, temperature, ammonia level, nitrite level, and nitrate level, I would not even try a guess as to what is wrong and what to do........It is cruelty to the creatures in a tank that is not tested regularly....If you are not willing to do the testing and regular maintenance on a marine tank you should not have one!

I recommend that you research the care and maintenance of marine aquariums and the requirements for every creature you put in your tank.

I also recommend you return all the creatures you now have until you are prepared to keep them.

Sorry to lay it on you hard, but I hate the thought of all the thousands of marine creatures that are being needlessly killed every day.

sorry dano but i think you missred my last post. all because i dont test my water doesnt mean its miss treating my fish in any way
i go to my local fish store every week to get my water tested and so far it has always come back fine.
if i didnt get it tested then that would be cruel
i believe once a week to be ample when it comes to getting water tested and will go down today to get the exact ph,specific gravity, amonia level, nitrite level, and nitrate level