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Default Re: Oscar Losing Eye + HITH

Welcome to the forum.....Are you absolutely sure the fish has HITH?.....Jungle Tank Buddies Parasite Clear is a cheap effective cure for some HITH infections.....Furanase and Quickcure(malachite/formalin) are good for severe fungus that results from bacterial infections......Primafix and Melafix are so weak a solution that they are not effective on anything but very mild disease.......If it were me I would isolate the fish in a comfortable roomy tank and treat until the disease subsides for at least two weeks.......Maracyn or Maracyn II will work well on fungus and bacterial infection also.

HITH is a debatable disease as no one is sure what causes it or what to use to cure it......

Good water quality is the best cure and preventave.
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