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Thanks guys! Nope, no green water. I check the ammonia every day, being it is cycling, and it has always been at 0. The pH is 6.9. Nitrites are 0.05. I am going to town tomorrow so I will pick up a nitrate test kit.

It was a new piece of driftwood and I didn't boil it, but I rinsed it good and did soak it for a couple of days. I have had it in the tank for close to three weeks. The water didn't look yellow at all in the aquarium, just when I got it in the pail. Hopefully, it is just the driftwood. The fish look great, so the yellow water evidently doesn't bother them.

Yep, it sure surprised my husband when Buddy jumped up at him! Sure hope he never jumps out of the tank! I do have the back of the tank covered with mesh so he doesn't jump out there. Only thing is when you open the lid, he thinks about it.

Thanks everyone for the info. I appreciate it!

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