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Default Blue acara and others?

Heya All,

I have just ordered 3 Blue Acara for my new tank. The tank its self is an over sized 4 ft holding 80gal.

The fish shop reckons they will be about 2 inches long. I realise they grow quite large and eventually I will have a tank just for those 3. Now however that would be quite boring. I have 1 Black Ghost Knife getting close to 5 inches and also 3* 3 Spotted Guarmi's that I will put in with them. Was wondering what else I could get. Rather not fish that will grow to large as I have to find something to do with them as the Acaras grow.
There will only be 2 large plants in the tank along with alot of rocks so plant prefering fish wont be to good. Ph is just slightly alkaline at about 7-7.5.

Thanks all