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Default Re: Fantail fao Sharon

Hi Jas ...I feed mine once a day, and they get a combo of flakes, shrimp pellets, peas, sinking tablets...they will eat anything and I like to feed a varied diet. They are susceptible to swim bladder problems so I make sure I don't overfeed and I vary their diet. It sounds like Jack may be getting more than mine, but he's also a lot bigger than mine(only 1.5 inches). I'm sure he'd love some company of his own kind...each goldfish needs about 10 gal. so if you added another one, there wouldn't be room for the white clouds, and they are lovely fish. Decisions, decisions...

5 gal... Robin, (Betta)
5 gal...Pete, (Betta)
5 gal...Scotty(Betta)
10 gal...Female Betta Sororiety
10 gal... Neons, Glolights and Cardinals, 1 Oto
10 gal... Ram Pair
29 gal... Mbuna Tank
29 gal... Krib Pair, Tiger Barbs, Tetras, 2 Otos
55 gal...5 Australian Rainbows, 1 Angel Fish, 1 Blue Gourami, 6 Congo Tetras, 1 Leopard Ctenopoma, 1 Clown Pleco, 1 UpsideDown Catfish,5 Otos, 1 Bronze Cory, 2 Peppered Cories,2 Panda Cories