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Default buying me a new tank:):):)

alrighty,i have broke down and decided to go bigger! i just got back from looking at a 135 gallon tank, and i think im gonna get it.. i just want yall opinion on it.
its a new/ used tank.. i am buying it from a person, that bought it new, but they never used it.he said he put water in it and it didnt leak , but i dont think he left the water in it very long. only thing wrong it is has a small chip in the corner..

here is a link to pictures of it.just copy and paste.

if this doesnt work let me know and ill redo it.

the chip is in the top corner and is in the outside of the tank. it isnt effecting the silicone at all.
will this effect the tank? i dont want pressure to cause it to bust.

should i pass on this or buy my new project???