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Default Re: Algae on Java Moss

Water Params
Temp: 76-78
pH: 8
Ammonia: 0
NitrIte: 0
NitrAte: 10
KH : 5
GH : 8

No direct sunlight.
Tank lights on for about 9-10 hrs a day.

I do weekly 40% WC's. I do vacuum the best I can weekly. I slightly over feed as I'm worried the shrimp will not get food. I don't feel comfortable to only have algae for the shrimp.

How do I check for this...""Check to see if the Eco Complete leaches fertilizer into the water (food)""

I do not have a phosphate test but will look into it if needed. I can clean everything like I have been but what about the java moss that has been looking bad the last few days? It has brown parts. Is it dying or is that algae? How can I make it look nice again?

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